Wednesday, September 26, 2012

...first of many Fall posts

Oh man, I've really been struggling with keeping this thing up. I'm going to officially put a reminder in my calendar to sit down at least twice a week and come up with SOMETHING to record on here (this will hopefully keep me more organized/on top of getting my pictures uploaded and edited....I struggle with that lately).

This time of year is my favorite. There is something about autumn that is so comforting and relaxing to me. It could be that the dwindling down of road trips, weddings, family reunions and such allows my calendar to open up more. Or it could be the fact that with football season getting into full swing (GO RAVENS!) or the baseball playoffs livening up (GO ORIOLES!), people are more likely to stay home and eat chili while cheering on their favorite sports teams. Maybe it's the excitement of Halloween and Thanksgiving soon approaching; I'm not sure.

All I know is that the other afternoon, I came home to my parents doing yard work. My father was cutting down tree branches, while my mother with her gardening gloves raked up huge piles of multicolored leaves. The smell of the sun baking the dried leaves, and the cool air carrying the smell of wheat and alfalfa being combined. It smelled wonderful. It was so nice to pick up a rake and help them.

That night, my sister came to visit. She and I went in for a bonfire, and as we drove into town, the moon was already huge and bright by eight o' clock. Sitting around the fire with our friends in hats and sweaters, taking pulls of red wine and passing it around the circle...I realized how lucky I am. I'm so lucky to have evenings like that, that move so slowly, you actually can absorb and appreciate every moment of it.

I love this season.

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